Thank My Colleagues

- Mar 14, 2018-

Thank my colleagues

    As the saying goes,living on your parents at home depends on friends.We can't live in our parents' shelters all our lives,one day wo need to leave them and live independenty.We will have our classmates ,friends,or colleagues.Many times ,we need to get along with them and work together on a lot of things.

    As for me,I have just graduated,and i have been separated from all my previous friends .I have come to an unfamiliar environment and met a lot of strange colleagues.To be honest, I was very nervous at first, I was afraid that I would not get along with others,I was afraid that they would be very cold,I was afraid that I would not be able to integrate into their group.So when i first started working,I was very uncomfortable,especially homesick.

    However, I didn't expect my colleagues to be so lovely and kind.When I first came,they welcomed me and took care of me, and they was very happy to help me solve my work problems.They often bring some food or snacks from home,and then they share it with all the people.Everyone  eats with relish and is very happy.Every time we get off work or on Sunday,we organize,we go out shopping,we eat delicious food,sometimes wo go on a trip together,we have a picnic,we took a lot of interesting pictures,and these are good memories,and i will keep them forever.

    As the end of the article,I would like to thank my colleagues again.To me ,they are a fortune in my life,and i think i can meet them very lucky,i will cherish our relationship.

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