The Basic Role Of Jewelry Display

- Jun 16, 2017-

Jewelry display of the important role of elaboration, and the current form of jewelry display classification, and jewelry display the characteristics of the form of in-depth analysis, to explore the development trend of jewelry display, for the development of China's jewelry industry to provide new opportunities The Keywords: jewelry; jewelry display; jewelry design jewelry is both the consumption of goods, but also exquisite works of art. With the development of social economy and culture, the connotation of jewelry is also rich with its function, form and process. Nowadays jewelry has become a special symbolic cultural carrier which reflects people's material life and mental state. Jewelry Display Everyday life plays an increasingly important role.

As jewelry display has an important role, foreign jewelry companies are very focused on jewelry display research and innovation. At present, in addition to the sales in the form of static static display, as well as in a variety of exhibitions or exchanges and other activities in the dynamic physical display, Jewelry Display in addition to the development of e-commerce, many international jewelry brands have set up online stores, In the text, pictures, animation and other multimedia display of its jewelry products, jewelry display in the form of increasingly diversified.

First, the basic role of jewelry display: jewelry display play the role of jewelry products and design-related information. In the early design activities, it is the designer, customers, production and processing personnel and the exchange between the media; at the same time in the latter part of the production and processing and sales activities are enterprises, Jewelry Display products and consumer communication bridge.

(A) in the design of the role of the chain In the jewelry design, jewelry display is divided into jewelry design pattern display and jewelry model display two forms. 1. In the enterprise independent development of jewelry design projects, generally in the program design phase through the three views, the effect of the form of jewelry display, to facilitate the designers, designers and business decision-making between the communication, Preparation; in the commissioned design project, the designer in the clear customer needs after the design proposal, the general need to show the form of jewelry and the customer in a timely manner to communicate through the results show to facilitate the customer to predict the effect of finished product wear and different with the program Etc., Jewelry Display to the customer's needs and feedback to adjust and modify the program. 2. After the completion of fine design to be used paraffin, plastic, gypsum and other materials made into jewelry model display to help designers and other staff to detect the design and processing of various problems and defects, such as the center of gravity pendant can not Wear, etc .; package is too narrow and easy to fall stone and so on. It can be seen that the jewelry display provides the conditions for the modification and improvement of the design, especially in the new, the use of valuable raw materials, custom jewelry development to reduce the risk and improve the design and development success rate and customer satisfaction.

(2) the role of the sales link Commodity display refers to the merchant in order to promote sales, purposefully on the display of goods and visual communication and sales and shopping environment for a comprehensive concept, plan and implementation, in order to promote goods, Producers, Jewelry Display sellers and consumers to create a more scientific, more reasonable, more consistent with the material and spiritual life of the overall design. Jewelry display in the sales process, mainly to attract the attention of customers, to convey jewelry product information to stimulate the desire of consumers to purchase the main purpose. Jewelry industry developed countries and regions has always attached great importance to the jewelry display research, a special design staff to engage in this work, in the furnishings, packaging supplies materials, style design, color matching has a special stress, jewelry display Is also constantly innovation. But the current sales in the domestic market, jewelry display easily overlooked by the enterprise and the designer, the degree of attention is not high, the general display directly to the main jewelry, display a single form, although the jewelry in kind to show the realism and appeal, but by Time, space, Jewelry Display location and other physical restrictions larger, there are certain drawbacks.

 Second, the type and characteristics of jewelry display (a) static physical display static physical display is the most common form of jewelry products, because in this traditional way of display customers can observe and access to physical products, thereby reducing psychological concerns, Firmly buy confidence. So the general sales terminals such as shopping malls within the jewelry display

The performance of the model through the details of the jewelry display, the audience's attention will be transferred to the products they want to show. Model neck and jewelry on the wrist, as the stars on the night sky, flashing moving and lasting luster. Through the performance of the model will show the connotation of jewelry.

Model jewelry display process, to the elegant fingers and arms gesture display jewelry, so that the audience can see the body wearing jewelry.

Handle the 3/4 angle toward the front, so you can fully show the hand jewelry to wear.

2. Hand elegant ride on the shoulder, or stick on the face, you can also display bracelets, rings, necklaces (earrings).

3. finger and arm posture to be elegant, to give people the feeling of slender hands, should not wrist, fingers lazy, relaxed state.

4. Right fork, the four fingers in the front, the thumb in the back of the waist. Jewelry Display Wrist naturally down to keep the hands of beautiful lines.

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