The Communication Between China And USA

- May 21, 2018-

From the end of February, liu He went to USA for communicating. to send a delegation to China in early May the us active consultations, xi President then from the President of the United States, the ordinary telephone, to this beautiful Liu He invited a delegation to the US, it sends a clear signal: in China and the United States under the guidance of the two heads of state reached important consensus, both sides stride forward in the direction of solution to the problem.


From Beijing consultation "honest, efficient and constructive", to Washington consultation "positive, pragmatic, constructive and achievement", quite a few words, the change of significant: along with the increase of the number of consultations, the consultation results continue to move forward. Last negotiations the two sides are still major differences on some issues, but this time there are a lot more progress was made in specific areas, such as energy, agriculture, medical treatment, high-tech products, financial and other fields to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights cooperation, encourage two-way investment, etc.Behind these hard-won achievements, the two sides have implemented the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, and made unremitting efforts to find a way to properly settle economic and trade disputes.

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