The Dying Father Gave His 5-year-old Daughter A Life List

- Jun 07, 2018-

The dying father gave his 5-year-old daughter a life list

      Tom Attwater, a 30-year-old Englishman with terminal brain cancer, has been diagnosed by doctors as unfit for surgery and has to wait for death.At the end of his life, Tom tried his best to do two things: first, to raise money.He wants to leave the money to his daughter, kelly, who has won two cancer victories but is likely to recur at any time and needs to be treated in the United States.Second, write a letter. This touching letter is one of the most valuable "legacies" Tom has left to his daughter.


       Everyone will say it is important to study hard in school.I hope you can always be the best you can be. I did well in school, but it didn't help my life very much.So it's important to study hard in school, but first make sure you're happy.

Believe in yourself.

Many people may discourage you from saying "you can't do it," and they don't want you to do it.If you want to do something, there's always a lot of chance of success, so do your best.I'm sure you'll get a lot.

I know you'll make me proud. I know you can do it, so let's do it now.Finally, thank you for being my daughter, kelly.You always call me "dad" is the greatest gift to me. Having your daughter is the greatest honor in my life.Thank you for teaching me so much about love and happiness.Enjoy your life and don't waste it in a hurry.I will be there for you.Baby daughter and mother, give you all my love.


Remember to laugh. Your laughter will not only control your body, but will also convey happiness. Don't lose it.I know you'll be sorry I'm gone, baby,I also hope to warm you with my hands around you and make you laugh again.Remember the teddy bear I bought for you? You said you would protect it and hold it when you thought of me. That's a good idea.When life is sad, you take the teddy bear as a let you out of the power of the sad, bravely go out, or has been indulging in them, I'm sure you know dad hope you choose which one.


When you were two, you told dad you wanted to be an "astronaut princess," so you could dress up and look for a new planet.You may realize it's impossible now, but there's an infinite number of possibilities waiting for you.My baby, do the things that interest you and make you happy, and if you do, life will suddenly be a lot easier.You may have to go through some different careers to find the one you really like.


Always remember "please" and "thank you".

Your mother and I have been teaching you that because it will last your whole life.Be humble, especially when dealing with older people, and never be rude.Remember to write thank-you letters after receiving gifts and help from others. Compassion and gratitude can always bring beauty.

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