The First Wealth Is Health

- Mar 29, 2018-

The first wealth is health

   Health is the foundation of all our dreams. If we are not healthy, then no matter how competent we are, we will eventually be able to do nothing.

         When we have good health, we often neglect our health and even do not value our health at all.We always think of health as a matter of course. When we were young, we worked like crazy to stay up late, we ate too much, and we didn't exercise. By the time we finally lose our health, we realize the importance of health and begin to regret that we have not cherished our health, but it is too late.

       When we abuse our health, we always find a lot of excuses  for ourselves. For example, the time is too busy to eat breakfast, and I am too tired to exercise on weekends, the TV play is too good to watch.When you lose your health, you will think that if give you another chance, you will cherish your health. You will give everything you have, so long as you can change back to your health.

      In my opinion, we should pay attention to our health whenever we want. It is only when we have a healthy body that we can work and live well.


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