The Fun Of Acrylic Lamps

- Sep 10, 2020-

  As we all know, due to the good permeability of acrylic light, brightness uniform soft, people feel comfortable, and sealing performance is good, waterproof and moistureproof, energy-saving non-toxic, is a good material for manufacturing lighting. Acrylic and the combination of lights believe that people have seen no surprise, the street signs acrylic lightbox can be seen everywhere. But have you ever seen such beautiful acrylic lamps? Here's a post by an Israeli designer.

  "This lamp looks very nice, but there is nothing special about it." Do you have such a feeling when you see this picture? Let small makeup to explain for you, this is not a three-dimensional desk lamp, just a flat acrylic board. Through acrylic, LED lights, laser engraving technology from the production. The light that the grain that carves gives out sends out shows the appearance of a stereo desk lamp, be very wonderful?

  This banana lamp is also made of a flat acrylic transparent board, through the ordinary smooth lines, the banana suddenly three-dimensional vivid rise. The LED light is hidden in the thick base below, and the light emitted by this lamp can be seen through the acrylic lamp.

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