The Importance Of Perseverance For Success

- Apr 11, 2018-

The Importance of Perseverance for Success

        Benjamin franklin once said'great works are performed not by strength,but by perseverance '.From the remark,we can infer that,of all the advantages characteristics,perseverance plays a crucial rode in one's success.

      Behind every great achievement in anyone's life lies perseverance.We see this in every human endeavor ,for example,outstanding sportsmen spend on thier time training .Thier endurance is beyond imagination .The same is ture of businessmen who build up fortunes.Of the countless example,the following example can well manifest the importance of perseverance.A 65-year-old man colonel saunders from kentucky had a dream to start a chain of fried chicken.Resturants all over the realize his dream,he knew that he needed a restaurant owner to be his partner .Colonel Saunders had knocked on 1,008 doors before he finally found his partner.

     Therefore,I believe that perseverance is the most important characteristic of succssful people .Success comes to anyone who keeps working perseveringly while lack of perseverance can only result in frustration and failure.


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