The Introduction For The Parking For Families Picking Up Students

- May 29, 2018-

The reporter understands, "traffic police chang" deep mining is guangzhou children's palace, the school road space resources around, selecting suitable set of motor vehicle of temporary parking path, set up the side of the road transportation vehicles dedicated temporary parking garages, on-demand set motor vehicle of temporary parking time management mode.


According to the on-the-spot investigation and research, under the condition of the surrounding road network allowed in school, in yuexiu district of guangzhou traffic police identified the children's palace, a former agency around road elementary school as the pilot area, the implementation of "traffic police chang" management mode."We use a combination of online and offline methods to provide accurate guidance to parents."Traffic police officer zhang said, parents can through "guangzhou" WeChat public number or scan the qr code into the query "traffic police chang learn" page for temporary parking garages, and traffic route guidance, within the prescribed time, dedicated berth temporary parking vehicles transportation.

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