The Magic Power Of The Polite Words

- Mar 28, 2018-

The Magic Power of Polite Words

        There is an old saying 'it never hurts to be polite'simple as the remark is,the meaning behind it is as deep as ocean.The quotation reminds us that we should try our best to politeness,Particulary polite words,which is doubtlessly serve as an impetus for communicare with others.

        To begin with ,polite words make it easier for people to communicate with others .By using polite words ,you can show your respect to others,thus ,they would like to build a friendly relationship with you.

And if you want to others respect you ,first you need to respect others,so use polite words is the first step to obtain others' respect.What's more using polite words can make others feel comfortable and appreciatively smile to us as responding to our polite words,we will feel hanppy.

        To sum up,the magic power of polite words is very strong,we ought to using the polite words anywehere and any time .It make our life more peace and make more friends .

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