The Magnitude-5.7 Earthquake In Songyuan, Jilin Province

- May 28, 2018-

The Magnitude-5.7 Earthquake in Songyuan, Jilin Province

       01 on May 28, 50 points, jilin ningjiang district (45.27 degrees north latitude, 124.71 degrees east longitude) a magnitude 5.7 earthquake, focal depth 13 km Immediately after the quake, the seismological bureau of heilongjiang province to carry out emergency work, in the first place to the seismic information submitted to the provincial committee and the China seismological bureau At the same time and the seismological bureau of jilin province after communication, send 6 people working group to carry out the earthquake field work And for the first time contact distance closer to the quake epicenter of daqing seismological bureau, etc., to carry out disaster collection, etc

       The jilin matsubara 5.7 earthquake epicenter about 20 kilometers away from our province borders, from our province zhaoyuan country recent 40 kilometers, 150 kilometers from Harbin, so far not received reports of casualties and houses collapsed the seismological bureau of heilongjiang province, director of the center for earthquake monitoring Gao Donghui said.

      Jilin matsubara region over the past five years, a total of 43 earthquakes over level 3, the earthquake is located in the second songhua river in jilin province near the fracture the seismological bureau of heilongjiang province earthquake analysis and prediction and the volcano research center, said senior engineer ji-ye li the earthquake magnitude is bigger than in the past, the earthquake epicenter distance than shallow earthquake, plus the time in our province at a depth of only 13 kilometers, jointly caused tremors were obvious in our province.

       Earthquake knowledge tips: after the earthquake should first keep calm, in serious cases should be nearby to avoid shaking, especially in high-rise buildings to stay in a relatively narrow space (such as the bathroom) to protect the head, don't run around with elevator once shaking cuts or in position to lower floors, can choose to leave immediately

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