The Person I Want To Thank Most

- Apr 21, 2018-

The person I want to thank most

      Even everyone is  an individual,but everyone can't without others.There are always some people gave us a great deal of help ,so that we can grow.Who are you most  grateful for?My answer is ,my parents.First of all,my parents gave me life,if not them,I didn't even have  chance to take a look at the world.Secondly,they brought me up,let me go to school ,In the end,they were the first teachers of my life and they taught me how to be a man.They told  me the meaning of life and they helped me to solve the difficulties in my life.

    This is my parents,even if they gave me is not the best in the world,but they all.For the children,they give and sacrifice too much,but they still no regret.Their biggest requirement for us is that we can be healthy and happy.So,I think the greatest person in the world  is my parents,and the person I want to thank most is my parents.I hope that I can work hard,in the near future,let  my parents to live a more comfortable life,I hope I can have more time with my parents,let them have fun every day.

    So,who are you most grateful for ?I believe that many people have the same answer.

   Dear friends,say goodbye today,see you tomorrow,wish you have a good day.

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