The Phenomenon Of Synchronic Vacation Is Prominent

- Jun 04, 2018-

In the 1970s, when per capita income in many western developed countries increased, people's happiness declined instead of rose, which was called the "income-happiness paradox".After econometric analysis of the way people spend their leisure time, economists find that it is related to the country's industrial efficiency and per capita GDP.

"Leisure time is a bridge between nations and individuals.In short, our country will develop as people live.As a result, Mr. Wei said, the holiday system was created mainly to protect workers' rights and to force labor efficiency.

Since the reform and opening up, Chinese people have not only changed their vacation days, but also their working and leisure hours."Leisure green paper: 2016-2017 Chinese leisure development report based on the 2016 and 1996, and his years of Beijing residents life time distribution survey data show that in 2016, Beijing residents than the average working day time reduced the 27 minutes, 20 years ago have more leisure time.Wei zifeng leadership of China's holiday economy, however, measuring the team after two years of research found that although people generally rest time increases, but the quality concept of leisure and leisure is lagging, rest after stimulation output efficiency is low, the per capita GDP, output per hour in world rankings are back ".

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