The Power Of Cooperation

- Mar 20, 2018-

   The Power of Cooperation 

       There is a famous saying going like this'people with one mind remove Mount Tai'. This quotation aims to advice us the important of cooperation.It is obvious that one man's strenght is limited ,so we should cooprate with other then can we achieve our goal more effectively.

        We should bear in mind that we ought to learn to cooprative with other .In this world ,cooperation is everywhere,individual can't not achieve your goal.When you are a student,you need to cooprate with your classmate and your teacher,when you are a employee ,you need to cooperate with your colleague.So you live in this world ,you must cooperate with others.

      The power of cooperation is huge,therefore only we should learn to  how to cooperate with others can he learn to share with them,care for and communicate with them.Let's cooprate with others and strive for a better future,become a full man.

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