The Record For The World's Highest Lowest Temperature Was Set At 42.6 Degrees Celsius

- Jun 29, 2018-

The Record for the World's Highest "Lowest Temperature" was Set at 42.6 Degrees Celsius

        Temperatures in the coastal city of Quriyat remained below 42.6 degrees Celsius for 24 hours on Tuesday.It is likely to be the highest "minimum temperature" ever recorded on earth, media said

It's hard to believe that the temperature has been above 42.6 degrees all day.

In many parts of the world, temperatures have not reached 42.6 degrees Celsius, even during the hottest afternoons.

      The previous record was also set by Oman: on June 27, 2011, the lowest temperature in one part of the country was 41.9 degrees Celsius.The temperature in Quriyat remained above 41.9 degrees Celsius for 51 consecutive hours.By Tuesday afternoon, the city's highest temperature had reached 49.8 degrees Celsius.

       Media reports said Tuesday's record-breaking Heat was linked to the Heat Dome.

A thermal cap is a hot, static area of high pressure where high pressure holds the heat and makes it hard to dissipate, like a steam cage.

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