There Is No Evidence That The Missile That Shot Down The Malaysian Airliner Came From The Russian Military

- May 25, 2018-

There is no evidence that the missile that shot down the Malaysian airliner came from the Russian military

      China news agency in Moscow on May 24 (xinhua) on May 24, local time, the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on its official web site, about to shoot down the horse boat MH17 aircraft missiles from Russian military claims unfounded On May 24, according to foreign media, the Dutch national police said poly sen, director of the central investigation department, international investigators in the beech after an in-depth comparative study of antiaircraft missile was made, find out shoot down missiles MH17 Malaysia airlines passenger plane kursk 53 anti-aircraft missile brigade from Russia

        To this, the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement, the international investigators that let Russia is to regret what they produce evidence in front of the international community to undermine Russia's national reputation, the statement said the findings based on data obtained from the aspects of Ukraine and Russia direction transfer Dutch radar monitoring of original data and there is no impact on the research conclusions have, 'the statement said the Russian side survey of one-sided and biased, but the russians still willing to help investigate, in order to find out the truth of the horse boat MH17 aircraft crash

         Novy vzglyad also issued a statement saying that day, no Russian beech air-defense missile into the territory of Ukraine The direction of the investigators to provide radar monitoring, according to the original data without any flying object direction near the horse boat airliner from Russia on July 17, 2014, a horse boat MH17 flight from the Netherlands to Malaysia went down in the east near the Russian border, killing all 300 people after the incident, the Netherlands, Belgium Malaysia of investigation team found that the plane was beech anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down

The Russian military, Ukrainian forces and Ukrainian civilian forces are armed with the missile

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