To Be Trying

- Mar 19, 2018-

To Be Trying

      As the saying goes'taking a beautiful fail is better than wandering imlessly' what can learn form this saying.It maybe want to advice us that we should leran to be trying,don't give up trying due to afraid fail

the experience is form fail.In our life ,we could make mistake ,but don't spend your time to wandering aimlessly.

      Many people meet the opportunity and challenge in the modern life,we don't  never change,we should to be trying to be learn try our best to achieve our goals rather than wandering aimlessly .Maybe we would make many mistake but we can learn the mistake .Wandering aimlessly whole day,which not make mistake also learn nothing.this life is waste our time.

        When we is a adult with Enormous energy ,we shoul try to do everthing .To conclude,failure shows that we are actually doing someting instead of just sitting in our comfort zone.So never hang back and go for what you want.

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