Tokyo Olympic Games

- May 15, 2018-

Overseas network May 15, the Tokyo Olympic Games are getting closer and closer. On the ordinary ticket price scheme, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic organizing committee considered that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is 288 thousand yen (about RMB 17 thousand yuan), and the highest track and field track and field is 108 thousand yen (about 6200 yuan). In the Paralympic Games, the opening ceremony was up to 144 thousand and 100 yen (about 8300 yuan), and the highest level of track and field and swimming was 6500 yen (about 370 yuan).

According to Japan's Kyodo news agency, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will discuss this on the 15 day ticket sales strategy expert meeting. According to relevant people, the highest ticket price of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was almost equal to the London Olympic Games in 2012, while the Paralympic Games were priced higher than about 70 thousand yen (about 4000 yuan) in London and about 40 thousand yen (about 2300 yuan) at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Besides selling the tickets with low price tickets, the Olympic Committee hopes that the sale of seats with high ticket prices can help improve the value of sports for the disabled. Tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are estimated to be 2000 yen (100 yuan) and 1000 yen (50 yuan).

The report said that the Olympic Committee had previously said that it would set multiple prices to ensure more people's chance of watching the game, and that special tickets were set aside from ordinary tickets, including 1000 to 2020 yen for primary school pupils, 3 to 4 for each family ticket, 1600 to 6100 yen per capita (about 350 yuan), and a wheelchair audience and companion tickets. In addition, it plans to set up high-end tickets with special products and catering services for the wealthy.

The OCOG is striving for ticket prices to be passed at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) board in July, and public sales are expected to start in next year (2019) summer.

However,this news gave Japanese netizens instant exploding. Especially for tickets for the opening ceremony, Japanese netizens called "too expensive". "I'd rather buy a new TV at home," "is it a joke?" they said, "if a four to see the opening ceremony, it costs 1 million yen (about RMB 60000 yuan)." "Non Tokyo residents also need to pay for transportation and accommodation."

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