Tolerance Is A Virtue

- Mar 24, 2018-

Tolerance Is A Virtue

There is an old saying ‘a person who is not tolerant is unfit to be tolerant of others’In our  life ,nobody can avoid making mistake .However ,should people who make mistakes be pulished  forever? The answer is surely negative ,everyone deserves a second chance after having made a mistake.

Tolerance can be bring many benefits to us.first ,tolerance can avoid unnecessary different people have different opinions,sometimes we may encounter some sad matters or even unacceptable behavior in our social interaction .if we can stand in other people's point of view and show tolerance can make us happy .if  we always keep others' misconduct in mind ,we may feel angry.but if we become tolerant,happiness will come to us gradually.

To sum up,tolerance is an important facet of social intercourse.once you strives to understand the behavior and perspective of others,you can avoid many troubles and conflicts,thus making ife more peaceful.

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