Too Much Consideration Does No Good

- Apr 13, 2018-

Too Much Consideration Does No Good

        Nowadays,as the living standard goes up higher and higher in china,an increasing number of parents give too much consideration to their children and even spoil them.There is a famous saying'the flower in the greenhouse can't resist wind and rain'.Which vividly describles the current situation of some chinese children who don't have the ability to be independent and overcome any difficulties in life.

      Everybody knows that those who always live in comfort and indulgence will be easily defeated by difficultes ,just like the greehouse flower which can be easily destroyed by a storm.So we should't give children too much care and love ,which means parents should give their childern more freefom to confront some difficulties and handle some problems by themselves.Only in this way can a child grows up healthly to be responsible and capble adult,and can our country become more powerful.

         So in order to ensure children's lifelong hanppiness,parents can love them but should't spoil them.The best love is to get them well armed for the future setbacks and misfortunes.

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