Tradition And Moderation

- Apr 27, 2018-

tradition and modernization

      Many people pose tradition and modernization as diametrically opposite.For instance,as Beijing increasingly becomes a modern international metropolic,its traditional legacies,architecture and social mores among many others things,are shrinking at an alarming speed .However,more often than not,tradition and modernization are wholly comportible and may even mutually enriching.The modernization process only serves to highlight the indispensable value of tradition.

          Furtune-oriented as it is,modernization cannot be out away from the past.Man is an emotional animal whose emotional attchment to the post defines the meaning of his existence in the present and the future.Although many urban planners are involved in a reckless drive for developing high-rise buildings to make their cities look modern,ture architects are committed to preserving traditional architecture would render modern people rootless and disoriented,without the past serving as a framework of reference,we would not know where we are heading for.

      It is ture modernization is an irrsistible global trend taking place with increasing mormentum.however,the best pattern of modernization is the one taking full account of the historical past.Modernization should not be equated with breaking up with the past but rather an extension and incorporation of the past.Accordingly human civilization retains continuity and human existence is made meaningful because of this continuity.


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