- May 16, 2018-

Thank you, my university, it is in each kind of challenges and opportunities you gave me, I understand the life, know how to learn, to know the time, know the growth, understand the struggle and struggle, is you to set up a bridge of mature for me. In the long road of life, you will be my colorful world forever beautiful and unforgettable memory. The taste of life, to cherish life. Through the years, seasons, I have gone through my university age. College life has left me more time to think. Think about the way we go, think about the present road, and think about the future road.


I don't know whether the future can be successful, since I chose the distance, it is doomed to rain and rain; maybe behind the wind and cold wind and cold rain, since the goal is the horizon, that left to the world is only a shadow! Good luck! 

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