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- Aug 31, 2016-

Our a Luxembourg's customer came China last week, before that, we talked about our acrylic e cigarette display around one week, the display basic informationconfirmed, just some little detail need to discuss. We confirmed our meeting time is the last Tuesday morning 10:00am ,but unfortunately, the moring with strong typhoon, we had to delayed the meeting to afternoon. When we arrived at rendezvous, the customer got stomachache, because the different food let him cant adpat, so we had no choice to cancele the meeting.


We fix other time on last week Friday, but we have to take the acrylic e cigarette display sample to him hotel, just 3 days, the time is too tight. Thanks for our production department, they finished 2 samples on time. So Friday morning, our driver and me took the samples and gone to customer`s hotel. Since the display height is 1320mm, that is too tall to put into average sedan. So we drove a light trucks to hold the samples, when we arrived at the hotel, that hotel is 5 star, it is very high class. So we were stopped to get in. We explained long time, but failure, we got in until our customer pick up us from the hotel gate.


The good news is the customer were satisfied with the samples, and placed the order directly, and he called his company accoutant pay the deposit to us soon, because he need that display urgently.


We got a saying”  Nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it”.

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