We Are The Master Of Our Own Future

- Mar 31, 2018-

we are the master of our own future

just an old saying 'god help those who help themselves'the quotation remind us that the significance of being independent in our life .in our life many factors impact our future ,such education career and so on. but most important factor is our attitude and hard work.in other words,we are the master of our future and we must rely on ourselves.

 examples of self independent figures are far from a minority in the world .a case in point is zhang haidi,a chinese hellen keller.it was her relentless efforts that turned the almost paralyzed zhanghaidi into a well accomplished figure  whose achievements would dwarf those of some normal  people .

in fact ,no one will chieve anything if he depends on others thinking of those self made men around us,we may be well aware of the importance of dependly on ourselves.


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