- May 17, 2018-

WeChat is a way of life, the most popular mobile phone communication software. It can send voice messages, videos, pictures and text. You can talk one by one, video. And you can chat with some people and video. WeChat transferred the strong relationship that existed only in real life to the mobile Internet, which made people communicate more conveniently. We can send some pictures in WeChat, daily mood, work and so on to share with your friends. This is the circle of friends. If you don't want your friend to see your mood or picture, and don't want to let him know how you live, you can shield him so that you can protect your privacy.


We can also talk business with customers through WeChat. Transfer money. As long as we carry mobile phones, we can pay with WeChat and enjoy shopping, eating delicious food and traveling. WeChat has made our life easier, enriched our lives and changed our lives.

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