What Are The Classifications Of Acrylic Boxes?

- Aug 24, 2018-

What are the classifications of acrylic boxes?

Acrylic boxes have different customization requirements, and their processing and material selection are also very different. As far as the material itself is concerned, acrylic has good transparency, a wide variety of colors and is easy to process. It is often used in the custom production of various display stands and box products. In this day, the Ya Yali display rack processing factory will give you a detailed answer to the classification problem of the acrylic box.

According to the different functions of the acrylic box, its products can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Acrylic Box---Storage

Acrylic storage box, such acrylic products are mostly used for placing small items. It is necessary to use the direct sticking method for many times to ensure that the storage box has enough compartments to place different items; such acrylic boxes are mostly made of colored boards. The overall effect is beautiful, exquisite and hard, strong and practical, and very practical.

Acrylic Box---Cargo Display

Acrylic dried fruit box, acrylic snack box and other such items are used for supermarket goods display, the finished product is too large, in order to ensure that the inner diameter of the box meets the standard, the V-splicing is generally adopted in the splicing of the box. In addition, in order to consider the overall aesthetics of the box, the top is generally treated by hot bending, and a small test box is added inside to facilitate the display and promotion of the goods.

Acrylic Box----Packing Box

Different from the above two kinds of boxes, the acrylic packaging box is extremely demanding for the processing technology. Such box products are mostly used for display packaging of high-grade items, and need to be separately designed according to different product characteristics. In the specific production process, machine hot bending is generally used. In addition, for some highly technical parts, experienced workers need to be manually operated.

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