What Is Function Bathroom Cabinet

- Jul 03, 2018-

  The so-called function bathroom cabinet mainly refers to the bathroom cabinet is practical first, function occupies. Functional bathroom cabinets are rare in China. It is easy to see through this international bathroom exhibition in Shanghai that functional bathroom cabinets are the main direction for future bathroom cabinet development.


  In the future, the bathroom cabinet function will be diversified. In addition to the basic functions of receiving and washing and rinsing these basic functions, the future bathroom cabinet will add more features, such as adding digital LCD functions. Li Xiaoju revealed that next year, in addition to the features of the shape of the bathroom cabinet, the Shanghai exhibition hall will add digital and more functional elements to make the lifestyle more diverse in the bathroom. And the selection will be diversified, Li Xiaoju believes that the future bathroom cabinet will combine solid wood, stainless steel and plastic glass together. A lot of products in the senior bathroom cabinets are fused with a variety of plates, and the main material is still solid wood. In the design style, there will be many directions in the future development. With the gradual change of the social consumption layer, the style of the bathroom cabinet will vary from person to person, but the height of the bathroom is constant, and the function is diversified.

  The personalized development of bathroom cabinets is a great trend. "Bathroom is the most irregular type of room, so bathroom cabinets are more suitable for use in toilets, and more customized bathroom cabinets will be available." It is understood that at present, the proportion of standardized products and customized products of Gao Di sanitary ware is 7:3, and the customized products will continue to increase in the future.

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Clear Acrylic Makeup Storage (1).jpg

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