What Is Silkscreen Printing

- May 15, 2018-

Screen printing means using silk screen as the base and making screen printing plates with pictures and characters through photosensitive plate making. Screen printing consists of five main elements: screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and substrate. Using screen printing plate, part of the mesh can be printed through ink, and part of the mesh can not be printed through the basic principle of ink. When printing is printed at one end of the screen plate, a certain pressure is applied to the ink part on the screen plate with a scraper, while the other end of the screen plate moves at a uniform speed, and the ink is squeezed from the mesh hole of the graphic part to the print.

Our below acrylic cube makeup organizer can be printed your logo by silksreen, but that based on your logo color less than 4 color, and no gradient color. 

acrylic cube makeup organizer.jpg

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