What Is UV Inkjet Printing

- May 21, 2018-

UV inkjet printing means that he uses UV ink, and the monotonous way of UV ink is UV monotony, that is to say, ink is solidified through UV light. One thing is to ensure that ink can be printed on any material. It only needs ultraviolet light (equipment) to brake monotonously, so printing is not limited to material.

The UV inkjet printer has been very robust in the domestic gift stores, and has become the trend of gifts. On gifts, the images, icons, and words that are probably loved by the photos of themselves, and the face that disjoins the gift of gifts, can reflect the value of the gift and the gift of the gift. UV inkjet printing in home decoration and home shopping malls: domestic family decoration shopping center reaches tens of billions, family characteristics decoration is also quietly prevailing. According to the favorite home features, users print their favorite photos or images on the decorative paintings, tiles, furniture and the floor, and decorate their own home with their own favorite features.

UV inkjet printing is a new type of glass printing equipment. It belongs to a digital printing machine. Acrylic printing machine is not a professional title, according to the different principles to classify the difference, art glass printing machine can have a lot of different kinds of calls and appellations. UV inkjet printing, as a new type of printing equipment, detonated the color printing work in a short time, and set off the characteristic wave of digital color printing.

If you want to see UV inkjet printing effect, please see below our acrylic makeup storage drawers, it can be printed your logo on it by UV inkjet printing. 

Acrylic Makeup Storage Drawers (2).jpg

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