Why We Need The Skin Care Products

- Jun 25, 2018-

Antiaging effect of skin care products

Skin aging has the characteristics of universality, multifactorial, progressive, degenerative, and endogenous. The skin structure and physiological function are mainly manifested as the increase of the thickness of the epidermis, the severe atrophy or hyperplasia in different parts, and the keratinocyte and melanocyte to a certain degree of nuclear heterosexual.

Anti - aging principle:

The effects of anti aging active substances include: removing free radicals, improving the speed of cell proliferation and retarding the degradation rate of extracellular matrix, so anti aging cosmetics need to choose excellent skin care agents, supplement enough nutrients to skin and reach deep nutrition. At the same time, it also slows down the loss of moisture in the skin and protects the skin.

Effective sunscreen: sunlight exposure is an important reason for accelerating skin aging. Therefore, anti sun and UV radiation are essential products for anti-aging cosmetics.

Deep moisturizing: Although there are many factors to promote skin aging, the amount of water in the skin is the main factor to keep the skin soft and elastic and prevent aging.

Inhibiting the activity of protein drunk and increasing the synthesis of protein: the skin is composed of collagen and elastin, and the state of the skin depends on the loss of protein and the ability of the cells to synthesize the protein in the skin. Elastin degradation and degeneration will lead to loss of elasticity, relaxation, wrinkles and other aging symptoms. Therefore, slowing down the degradation rate of elastin is also one of the principles of anti-aging cosmetics design.

Scavenging free radicals: we can see from the mechanism of skin aging that skin aging is related to the weakening of antioxidative function in vivo and the increase of free radicals. Therefore, scavenging free radicals has become a research hotspot in anti-aging cosmetics.

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