Wisdom In The Mind Is Better Than Money In The Hand

- Apr 16, 2018-

Wisdom in the Mind is Better than Money in the Hand

       The human history withness a contant pursuit of wisdom.despite different interpretations of wisdom offered by different people,We all reach a concensus that wisdom in the mind is better than money is the hand.For me,wisdom rests in persistent thinking.

        As for as I can concerned,there are thrree methods helping us ti be wise.To start with,reading makes a full man and brings wisdoms to us.Accumulating the diverse thoughts and admirable wisdom of ancient talents.Books are human's permanent friends,accompanied by which people can learn to be wise.Furthmore,individuals are supposed to learn form failure ,the mother of success.the lesson from failling experiences will lead to ultimate wisdom.Last but not least,people should possess enough time to reflect upon themselves.

     To sum up,wisdom outweights money so much that it is imperative for us to gain wisdom.With wisdom in the mind,I suppose it is not hard to have money in the hand.

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