World Book And Copyrights Day

- Apr 23, 2018-

World Book and Copyrights Day

        Hey,guys!do you know what day is it today?Exactly,today is world reading day,it as known as world book and copyrights day,also as konow as world book day.

        It is form the association of international publishers.Formal sure every day year on April 23,1995 as the 'world book and copyright day set up the aim is to promote more people to read and wirte.Hope that the people scattered all over the world,whether you are old or young,no matter you are poor or rich,whether you are sick or health.Can enjoy the pleasure of readingbring,can respect and thnks for made great contribution to human culivization thought;culture,science ,literature masters,the protection of intellectual property rights.Each year,more than 100 conutries is the world hold various celebrations and book campaighs.

        Now ,I  would like to share an old saying by Eward Gibbon with you.The books that have been created are spread out in the dark ages like some sun shining on the desolate desserts, in order to turn darkness into light.These books re epochal work in the history of human spirit,and people are marching towards new discoveries by virtue of their principles.A book is faithful mirror that shines the heart of the sage into our hearts.

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