Xinhua Commentary: Put The Wings Of Technology To Children's Dreams.

- Jun 02, 2018-

"We must make science and technology work an attractive job, a career that children respect and yearn for, and the wings of technology for children's dreams." General secretary Xi Jinping's sympathy at the nineteenth academician conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the fourteenth meeting of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering aroused deep sympathy.

The flourish of science and technology is the prosperity of the country and the strong nation of science and technology. The only way of innovation is to get people, only the scientific and technological team will be successor, the future of science and technology in the motherland will gather together, and the vast starry sky of science can shine. When every child has a passion for science and technology and longing for science, it is not only a personal blessing, but also a national blessing.

Children's world is never without dreams. Many scientific inventions are echoes of childhood dreams. If you see the children listening to the story of Grandpa's story telling by academicians, hundreds of pupils cheer for a space lesson, and you will be very gratified.

Curiosity is the mother of science, and good imagination makes a brilliant dream. To stimulate children's interest in science, we must first guard the "one hundred thousand reasons" in their minds. Einstein fiddled with the compass and Tsien Hsueshen thought about the paper darts. Every whimsy may be a stepping stone to the hall of science. In today's life, science and technology are everywhere, we are more necessary and more necessary to give children more scientific inspiration, to provide more science and technology, to soar the wings of the ideological sky and to explore the distant future of enthusiasm.

"The art of education lies not in teaching skills, but in motivating, arousing and inspiring." German educator Di Da Hui once said. The quality of science can not be neglected. Since last year, science classes have been set up in primary schools in our country. This is intended to cultivate children's creative ability and practical ability, and let children explore more possibilities in a scientific way, which is a useful exploration.

Let science and technology work become an attractive job, and cultivate the whole society to respect science and value scientific values. By breaking up the obstacles of institutional mechanisms and protecting intellectual property rights in scientific research activities, we should cultivate talents in proper places and develop their long fertile soil.

"What is your ideal?" "To be a scientist!" Hope that more children can dream come true in the future.

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