Yishui Tomb With Newfound Cosmetic Case Bronze Sword

- Jan 14, 2016-

Starting from 17th, yishui Wang Gu JI spring large Tomb begun excavation of the main coffin Chamber clean up, reporters saw yesterday at the excavation site, cleaned the main coffin Chamber has exposed more than 20 cm. Yesterday afternoon, the archaeologists also cleaned the three burial pits excavated, apart from the newspaper reported yesterday that burying children, yesterday found a burying bones in children. 

Ji Wanggu spring Hao Daohua the ancient tomb archaeological team told reporters that archaeologists also found two beautiful jade pieces and a bronze boat. From today onwards, excavations will enter a critical phase, people are concerned about who is tomb of mystery, is likely to open in the near future.

Reporters yesterday on the occurrence of Wang Gu JI during the Tomb site

Tomb of yishui added many new finds

Next to the main coffin Chamber suspected burial pit

Archaeological sites and archaeological team leader Zhang Zixiao, linyi city told reporters that yesterday morning, archaeologists mainly to clean up North the day before yesterday ' booths and photographing and drawing the main coffin Chamber. Reporters saw a number of bronzes unearthed in North Van, mainly dominated by musical instruments, most top Chun in and below with a chime has a Spire, and "ear" shoumian Wen, Niu Zhong. Archaeological drawings including the location, size and place of archaeological finds. Zhang Zixiao revealed that on the main side of the Tomb, a suspected burial pit graves were found, reporters saw the burial pit is relatively small, about one meter square, what purpose is unclear.

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