- Jun 29, 2018-

Yoga originated in India. It has been known as "the treasure of the world" for more than five thousand years. Yoga originates in the foothills of Himalaya in northern India. When the ancient India yogis practise their body and mind in nature, it is unintentional to find that all kinds of animals and plants are naturally treated, relaxed, sleep, or kept awake, and they can be healed naturally without any treatment. So the ancient India yoga practitioners, based on the animal's posture, observed, mimicked and experienced them, creating a series of physical and mental exercise systems, that is, the body position method. These postures have undergone more than five thousand years of exercise, and yoga has taught people the cure method to benefit generations from generation to generation.


Yoga is more than just a popular or fashionable fitness exercise. Yoga is a very old method of energy knowledge training, which integrates philosophy, science and art. The foundation of yoga is based on the philosophy of ancient India. For thousands of years, psychological, physiological and spiritual precepts have become an important part of the culture of India.

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