Zte's Case Occur A Major Turnaround: It Is Helping To Restore Its Business.

- May 15, 2018-

Zte's case or a major turnaround: it is helping to restore its business

     Local time on May 13, the President of the United States on Twitter said trump, xi jinping, chairman and he is working together, zte provides a way to restore business fast, otherwise China will loss too much work, he has instructed the ministry of commerce to finish the job.

        Finance and economics indicated, which means that has entered the countdown of zte death get inversion of fate

       5 o'clock this morning, the White House spokesman said the commerce minister, Ross is expected to trump independent judgment and solve the problem of zte's supervision Authorities are trump zte problem with China and some other bilateral relations problem for communication The President of the United States about zte's trump twitter underscores the free and fair balance the importance of china-us economic and trade relations of mutual benefit.

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